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Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 2

In this second part we will discover how an eye cover can protect your skin and prevent puffiness of the eyes, how it helps in preventing dry eyes, and that it can actually mitigate migraines. Aside from that there are sleep masks that are scented to help improve sleep quality. New discovery now are weighted masks that put gentle pressure on your face as you sleep. Why would you need that? Find out why.

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Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 1

Most think of sleep masks as just that, masks to cover our eyes while sleeping. Few gets to realize the many benefits of wearing eye shields for sleeping and that is what we try discuss here. In this first part of a two-part series we present how eye covers block out the lights for a more conducive sleep, how it improves the quality of our sleep, how it aids in minimizing distractions, and how it helps with insomnia.

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