Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 1 rise-of-sleep-tech

Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 1

Sleep masks are useful eye cover for sleeping that more and more people are starting to utilize them. Whether at home sleeping at night, traveling on a plane, or commuting for work, the benefits these eye blinders provide is quite significant.

Blocking out light

Well this is a given, sleep masks are meant to block out the light. It's in our natural instinct that when night comes it's time to sleep so with the eyes deprived of any light it is easily prepped and conditioned to go to sleep mode. Silk Comfort Eye Shades and Handmade Cotton Eye Band are some examples of sleep masks that completely block out daylight or ambient lights.

Improves Sleep Quality

Humans are naturally diurnal, that is we're awake during the day and asleep at night. Our brains associates darkness with sleep but city life doesn't always provide us with that prerequisite to sleep. For situations where there's nothing you can do but sleep with either daylight of ambient light around you, these sleep visors provide the conditions you need for a sound, deep sleep.

Minimize Distractions

Many of us feel that urge to check our phones seconds after crawling into bed but research suggests that bedtime scrolling actually undermines sleep quality. Doing so makes it harder to drift off to sleep. On the contrary it increases our alertness and you soon find yourself doing a number of tasks you weren't meant to. By putting on a night time eye cover you, in essence, are establishing a boundary between yourself and your phone. And sleep masks do encourage you to get to sleep by blocking out stimuli.

May Help With Your Insomnia

By muting out the "noise" (stress, anxiety, excitement, etc.) in our brains that keeps us awake, these eye pad covers provide the necessary wall that blocks you from distractions around your room most especially that damn clock. Eye shades with Bluetooth features help a lot in this area as you can stream soothing and relaxing music that lull you to sleep faster like our Sleepace Eye Cover.



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