Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 2 rise-of-sleep-tech

Benefits of Eye Sleeping Masks - Part 2

Protects Your Skin And Prevent Puffiness 

On the beauty side, contact with your pillow can stretch the skin surrounding the eyes. Some eye sleeping masks especially those made with silk protect that area of your face. Puffiness are brought about by incomplete rest and these eye patches for sleeping help ensure you get more needed rest. Also, eye covers with charcoal reduce puffiness and dryness on the skin surrounding your eyes. And sleep shades with cool gel helps address the swelling under the eyes as you sleep. Silk Comfort Eye Shades and Bamboo Charcoal Eye Cap are the ones you need for this job.

Prevents Dry Eyes 

HVAC and recirculating air from humidifiers dry the eyes especially for those with lagopthalmos- the inability to close eyes fully while asleep. Our eyes are lubricated by our eyelids and if you can't close your eyes fully then dryness sets in which may lead to a more permanent damage. Eye shades for sleeping like the Contoured Eye Pad Cover help with this since it provides a bit of space between your eyes and the mask. Also, those with lagopthalmos shouldn't use "breathable" eye cover to sleep.

Mitigate Migraines 

Bet you didn't know this but these eye blindfolds do help those with migraines too. Light sensitivity is a common feature of chronic migraines and sleep masks provide the total darkness people with this conditions seek. There are also night eye shades with heating or cooling features designed to ease migraine pain. Eye covers that you can freeze or refrigerate can numb out the throbbing effects of migraines. They work too for hangovers and minor headaches. 

Scented Masks for Soothing Rest 

Sleep shades can incorporate calming fragrances that are conducive to sleep. Lavender has been found to improve sleep quality along with cedarwood and bergamot. If the smell may be too much there are some that allow you to remove the scented pouch or swap it with another. Be reminded that some scents like citrus give energy instead so do some research first.

Can Be Used For Extra Relaxation 

Weighted blankets are becoming popular as they provide a sense of being hugged while sleeping. The same goes for weighted eye covers that put gentle pressure on your face. This in turn stimulate the production of melatonin and serotonin for a pleasant sense of relaxation. Eye blindfolds like these are also helpful for those suffering from sleep disorder or with symptoms of psychological distress.



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