Rise of Sleep Tech rise-of-sleep-tech

Rise of Sleep Tech

Before, sleep and the corresponding accessories related to it technology-wise does not exist. Now, an assortment of gadgets, products, and tech has risen all catering to this much ignored niche. The reason for this is as varied as the approaches created, crafted and invented to address sleep problems and issues which apparently were also as varied.

But one thing is certain, sleep is important and is crucial to health. And time has dictated that it's essential that we start treating sleep deprivation seriously. The reason? Society isn't what it used to be. We are now a generation of busybodies. We now live in a community that never sleeps. Where commercial establishments are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gadgets and technology has given us reasons to stay longer at night. Live entertainment makes us stay till the morning. Our jobs demand more of us and we hardly get any sleep. Add to that sometimes, conditions that are beyond our control, our snoring partner.

So sleep tech is here and in the coming days we'll reveal them to you one by one. Not only gadgets or products but helpful tips as well. Apps that you can use, diets that condition the body before heading to bed, to reorganizing your daily work habits or changing your lifestyle, to redecorating your room for a more conducive environment for healthful sleep.

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