Sleepace Noise Cancelling Eye Cover
Sleepace Eye Mask With Noise Cancelling Earphone
Sleepace Eye Mask With Noise Cancelling Earphone
Sleepace Eye Mask With Noise Cancelling Earphone
Sleepace Noise Cancelling Eye Cover

Sleepace Noise Cancelling Eye Cover

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Sleep shades were meant to cancel out the light whenever you try to get some shut-eye but you also need to do something about that noise around you. This eye pad cover provides both comfort; not only does it provide good cover for the eyes but blocks out the noise as well with the use of white noise ensuring undisturbed rest for you even while traveling.

What's even more exciting about this is that with the use of its' own proprietary App it can detect if you are already asleep and automatically stops the music and activates its sleep monitoring functions. 


  • Features white noise for blocking out the sound around you making this an essential companion when traveling
  • Perfect for light sleepers who are easily awakened by even the slightest sound around them as it is fitted with noise-cancelling earphones
  • As it can be connected to your phone via an App it can be used to help provide sleep analysis that your doctor can use in giving you advice or treatment
  • As you get more accurate and timely advice you are then assured of improved sleep quality and depth
  • Can be used to lull you to sleep as you can listen to some easy music when you doze off
  • It has an alarm system that can wake you up on the lightest part of your sleep so you wake up naturally and not forced or abrupt




Features white noise that blocks out noise around you making this perfect for light sleepers  who are easily awakened or distracted with noises.




This sleep shades features a proprietary App that you can install on your smartphone. The App helps monitor and help provide analysis of your sleep patterns. Your doctor or sleep adviser can now more thoroughly assess your sleep and provide accurate advise or treatment. 




 When the App has detected that sleep has already set in it automatically stops any music you are playing and activates its sleep monitoring functions.



Too little sleep makes you sick and too much sleep makes you sick as well. This eye cover has a gentle alarm function that can wake you up at the lightest part of your sleep



Feature Summary                                                                                        Product Info

  • Features white noise for blocking out noise around you                         Material             Silk + Lycra
  • Proprietary sleep App that can be used to monitor sleep for                  Sizes                 4 available sizes 
  • accurate sleep advice or treatment                                                                               S (20.87' - 21.65")   M (21.65" - 22.44")
  • Proprietary App automatically stops music and activates sleep                                        L (22.44" - 23.23")   XL (23.23" - 24.00")
    monitoring functions when sleep is already detected                            Package includes 1 pc Eye cover with earphone
  • Gentle alarm function so you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated                                    1 pc travel bag 


Hand wash (Remove headphone prior to washing).                                     


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