About Us

JeChel aims to be your reliable source for all the latest in sleep aids. We strive to provide the most recent products that extend help to the sleep-deprived individuals or those simply looking for means to attain healthy, peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.


Ingredient for a Happy Relationship

We are well aware that a peaceful sleep with your partner leads to a healthy relationship and the opposite is truly disastrous to any couple. That is why care is given in choosing products that aid in solving any issues that may cause sleepless nights for one or both partners.


Leads to a Productive Life

Nothing prepares you more effectively on the day ahead than a good night's rest. It spells the big difference on whether the morning will  be a productive day for you or a will it be a big disaster. Top executives know the value of a complete sleep and the rejuvenating strength it provides in facing another day at the office. Even a quick nap is important that is why we've included products that provide sufficient comfort wherever you may need to lay your head.

Trust JeChel to be your partner for a healthy sleep.