Skye Grounding Pillow Case
Skye Grounding Pillow Case
Skye Grounding Pillow Case
Skye Grounding Pillow Case
Skye Grounding Pillow Case
Skye Grounding Pillow Case

Earthing Grounding Pillow Case

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Earthing Grounding Pillow Cases help provide electrostatic shielding protection. As more and more gadgets abound we are exposed to varying degrees of electrostatic radiation which unknowingly takes a toll on our body. Grounding helps counteract these effects and provide benefits such as reduced stress, increased energy, better sleep, inhibition of hormonal excess, relieve menstrual symptoms and much more.

Those that experiences poor quality sleep swear by the improvements in their sleep patterns after using Skye Grounding Pillow Case. 


  • Equalizes your energetic frequency with that of Mother Earth
  • When connected to the Earth's electron flow many people experience benefits like deeper, better quality sleep
  • Most people experience the following benefits after using grounding pillowcases: more energy, improved circulation, less inflammation, body detoxification, less stress, reduced or eliminated chronic pain, and a natural feeling of wellness
  • Use of earthing pillow cases decreases the level of cortisol and normalizes your circadian rhythm leading to improved sleep


Earthing or grounding, that is "reconnecting to the earth's limitless natural healing energy" has everything to do with negative ions. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are generated as air molecules break apart due to radiation, sunlight, and moving water and air.

In nature, negative ions are created by crashing water. These are especially abundant on the beach, the ocean surf, forest, mountains, around waterfalls and other streaming water, and after a thunderstorm. As such they may remove excess positive electrons.


Earthing or grounding is meant to equalize your energetic frequency with that of Mother Earth

It's thought that the sense of relaxation people feel at the beach or next to a waterfall is partly due to the negative ions swirling around in the atmosphere. "The action of the pounding surf creates negative air ions and we also see it immediately after spring thunderstorms when people report lightened moods, says ion researcher Michael Terman, PhD of Columbia University in New York.

So positive ions are bad, negative ions are good and contact with the earth is beneficial. So far this all seems to support the idea of grounding.




                    Made From Grade A Organic Cotton            Pure Silver Grounding Thread             Easy, Just Plug On A Ground Socket

Feature Summary                                                                                               Product Info

  • Crafted from a premium blend of high-quality Grade A organic cotton           Material                  Organic cotton/Silver wiring
    and pure silver grounding thread                                                                 Size                        Assorted sizes
  • Easy to use, just plug on the ground socket of a wall electrical outlet            Package includes    1 pc x  grounding pillow
  • Completely washable                                                                                                              1 pc x grounding wire
                                                                                                                                                   1 pc pillow


Machine or hand wash in warm water with liquid detergent. 
Dry in low heat or line dry. 
Do not use dryer sheets, bleach, fabric softener, whitening or oxi-detergents, or any product containing oils such as lavender or coconut oils which can tarnish the silver.


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